Stop Trashing Other Writers

If you want them to go away, block them and stay silent

Kim McKinney
3 min readJul 2, 2022


Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

It drives me nuts. Writers who write negative pieces about other writers.

While I hate it, I do read them more often than I care to admit. I also always gawk at car wrecks and roadside drug searches as I drive by.

You must read them, too. I suspect they are lucrative, or so many wouldn’t choose to write them.

Some name the person by name, while others give enough clues that you can figure it out if you read much und Medium.

If the subject is doing anything but laughing with glee on their end, I’d be surprised. They know someone (probably me) is going to read their stuff to see their “sins” on display.

I’m finally starting to avoid giving these pieces attention and trying to get them out of my feed. It’s difficult since some are by writers I know have talent. Writers I like. These articles don’t showcase their talent and make me question my support of them.

There are some great writers on this platform. People who stay in their lane and do their thing. They don’t have time to trash other writers — they’re too busy coming up with ideas of significance.

They write pieces that make me laugh, and some that make me cry. They teach me new things and make me question long held beliefs. They remind me of the good in people and encourage me to be better. They also talk about the negative in people, but from a perspective of teaching or sharing their own life experience in hopes others can avoid it.

Writers here take me places I have never been and tell me about experiences I would love to have. They add items to my bucket list and make me consider ways I can make the world a better place.

I’m going to try to highlight some of these folks more as I write here. Ignore the cesspool and go for lifting others up. I used to do this more, but for some reason got away from it. But it is obviously necessary. I’ve always been touched by the support from writers on this platform — from writers in general — and we should keep those flames flickering.

I’m also going to try to avoid the temptation to read the titillating smackdowns. I’d rather my Medium…



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