It’s Party Time – and I Don’t Have a Good Excuse to Stay Home

The woes of an introvert with social anxiety

Kim McKinney


Photo by SKYLAKE STUDIO on Unsplash

It’s almost time for my friend’s 65th birthday party.

I’m obviously not on my way. I’m writing this.

It’s not that I don’t want to go. I do. But it’s so darn hard!

I’m single and will arrive by myself. While I know I’ll know a few people, there are more I won’t know.

They’re probably people I want to know. These friends are amazing, and down-to-earth, and pick friends based on their character and sense of fun.

Many will be musicians. I love musicians. There will be great music playing all night long. That’s guaranteed.

Still, the social anxiety creeps in. The introvert’s inability to engage in small talk. The times I can’t find my friends that are there. I simply feel awkward.

Sometimes I meet one of those awesome people who make conversation easy. I want to hold onto them. Hold them hostage. Make them talk to me all night.

Sometimes I’ll simply find a seat near the music where conversation isn’t required. That works for a while until something inside of you recognizes “I’m at a party pretending I’m by myself.”



Kim McKinney

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