I’m 60 and have never been married. My life has definitely been witnessed. I have close friends and family who do it regularly. In fact, I have more time to devote to them because no husband takes the lion’s share of my time. When I was younger I wanted to be married, but then never saw the guys I dated as my husband. Now I suspect I never will experience it, but I also will not slam that door shut. Having an engaged partner in life would be amazing, but my life’s already quite amazing as it is. I would be more closed to life if I were married, I suspect. Not saying all married people are, but I could see me cocoon instead of flying..

You’re going to have a spectacular and full life regardless, I suspect. In fact, you seem to already be living it. a I suspect you know, witnesses don’t always cooperate with what you think they can bring to the table. Perhaps it is the same for spouses?

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