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“Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you.” – Frederick Nietzsche

I have ADHD (Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder) and dyslexia. I first learned this because at 16 I started tutoring kids that had both these conditions (often they go together).

I attended…

50 Words

Thrifty Word Challenge 50 #58: Back-up Plan

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If I lose touch with you,
Just wait,
I have lost touch
With others.

I have learned
After much heartache,
That destiny leads us
Back together.


We will meet again
Unless it’s not to be,
Then you will be that longing,
That aches in my heart.

There is more to life

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They say you are scheduled for 40-hour work weeks. Theoretically, some weeks you work 60, others you may work twenty.

Those who are exempt employees can laugh now. That rarely happens in any company.

Truth is that the expectation is that you work 60-hours plus, week after week, but will…

It may be an honor to be asked, but that doesn’t mean you say yes

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Anyone who has been in a position where you needed to get volunteers knows the old adage.

“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.

I was one of those busy people. And I always said yes.

At work, I volunteered for extra work, no matter…

Let it be a conscious decision

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You know that toddler tradition. They fall down. Everyone pauses a second to see if they’re hurt, including the toddler. Then everyone spontaneously claps and cheers for their amazing feat. Tears don’t come. The toddler is all smiles and proud of themselves. …

They’re going to find out eventually

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We met on a dating app. He appeared to be a great guy — and on the phone seemed normal and interesting. We decided to meet in person.

Our dinner went well. He was funny, interesting, and smart. He also was attractive. That was a nice bonus.

He lived in…

But First Let Me Tell You About Mine

Juan Pablo Reyes and some of the key folks behind his film “Samland” celebrate its success – Photo by Kim McKinney.

I recently attended a film festival held in our small city of Statesville, North Carolina (the Full Bloom Film Festival.) After a drought of movie-going, I was excited to view as many films as possible.

Yes, I can watch as many films as I want at home, with Netflix and…

One by one — Sandy Bradshaw

In memory of Sandra – photo by Kim McKinney

A friend sent me this lovely tribute Sean Kernan wrote remembering a victim of 9/11. She knows I do a tribute each Memorial Day for a veteran who died in war and I suspect she was challenging me to take up Sean’s challenge.

I love Sean’s heart and decided I…

And I was wrong

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There’s this guy in my town. He owns a local business or two. I used to frequent one of them. He was always kind to me. We shared good conversation.

As time went on I discovered from others he had some views I disagreed with completely. He had issues with…

And let your opinion get to the table

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I was on a conference call the other day. It was a debrief of a project we had all been involved in and the beginning of planning what we will do next year.

A dear friend of mine was on the call. She didn’t say a word. It made me…

Kim McKinney

I write about people, faith, travel, adventure, justice & life. I love a good story. I blog for fun at kimberleymckinney.com; twitter.com/kimmckinney719

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