It was one thing she asked that we never do

Tomorrow is the day. We’re putting my mom in a nursing home. More specifically, a memory unit. She has Alzheimer’s.

Mom has always been terrified by the idea of being in a nursing home. As a nurse, she visited plenty. She has only lived in a communal setting once when she was in a dorm in nursing school at 18. She left school and married my dad on her 19th birthday.

I have four engaged siblings, who all live within 30 miles of Mom. You would think we could make staying at home viable. We’ve been staying with her nights…

Because I don’t want to lie

If I say my love is unconditional,
Is that ever really true?
There are some things I require
Of anyone, plus you.

Respect, for one, is paramount,
Kindness is a given,
Treating people well
Is how we should be driven.

Love is not a feeling,
But in the actions, we relay,
Though I say I’ll love you forever,
It’s not the words I say.

I believe that love requires,
Behaviors that demonstrate,
When it’s words alone that define us,
It’s time to detonate.

Thanks to Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) for the prompt! Our takes are a bit different, but that’s…

It never stops

Surroundings don’t matter when I write. Be it quiet or in the middle of a riot. ADHD’s superpower is my ability to hyperfocus. Nothing else matters in that state. Not people talking to me, not music playing, no natural disasters that may be taking place. Just clicking on the keyboard.

Thanks to Melissa R. Mendelson and The Bad Influence for this prompt Trance.

As a creative Kim McKinney likes having ADHD. Her mind rarely stops, ideas are seldom an issue. When she writes, she writes. Until the time has passed. It may be mid-sentence. She never claims to finish much…

A journey of undoing, being, and becoming

My course was set,
Or so I thought,
Until I was reminded,
I don’t control all.

I wasn’t scared,
Though angry sometimes,
At a system where age
Weighs heavier than skill.

But then I realized,
There could be another way,
Where life could be better,
And a whole lot simpler.

I’m on that journey now,
Decreasing stuff,
Simplifying, Decluttering,
Home and brain.

A few rooms,
Is more than plenty for me,
With the freedom to do,
Those things I planned for tomorrow.

Why wait? Why worry? …

Bring them or something like them back, dang it

I was looking at my reading recommendations this morning and something occurred to me. The green circles are missing.

What green circles, you ask? Oh, my friend, the ones who tell us who is a paying member of the Medium platform.

I then went to the pages of certain writers and found out that they were missing there, too. Since I was using an iPad, I then went to my laptop. Nope!

I noticed it before, but I thought it may be temporary. I thought maybe with all of the changes to home pages and such it was just forgotten…

Life is hard enough without your drama

Hey you, with the sad face. If I remember correctly, your face was sad last time I saw you. It was also sad the time before that. My heart goes out to you, or it used to, but I’ve noticed that being miserable seems to be your thing.

I watch them — the empaths, the kind ones, those of the “don’t worry, be happy” school of life — as they try to find out what is wrong and help. They spend hours hearing you out. I feel for them. I used to be them.

What — is that a tear…

One warm and sultry night

A face of Memorial Day

In 1968 a man died at war. His name was Marvin. I never met him, but let me tell you what I know about him.

His full name was Sgt. Marvin Jerome Gaines, Sr. He was born on April 24, 1947. He died November 26, 1968, in the Phuoc Long Province of South Vietnam. He died of multiple fragmentation wounds caused by hostile fire he sustained on November 21.

He was only 21 years old.

He left behind a wife and a son, Sandra and Marvin Jr.

He was the son of Eliger and Louise Gaines. Louise was the owner…

I am thankful to have found it

My mother has Alzheimer’s. It’s a roller coaster, but mostly one that travels downhill. It’s been progressing rapidly in the past year. So rapidly that sometimes I forget the dimensions of who she used to be.

She currently denies every surgery she ever had. These include having her gallbladder removed, a colon resection, and two very painful and invasive rotator cuff repairs. I’ll tell her about them, specific details. No, they never happened — and how in the world can I think I remember her health history better than she does?

The Find

I’m currently decluttering the house I have lived in…

Thrifty Words Fifty Word Challenge #39: Moderation

Some people seem comfy,
With bold black and white,
Regardless the issue,
They know they’re right.

There’s only one answer,
The one they believe,
If you don’t agree,
Then you’re quite naive.

While I love the color,
And idea buffets,
I don’t get the rigid,
I live in the greys.

Thanks to Jonica Bradley for another prompt that made me think.

Here are a couple of my past prompt responses.

Kim McKinney loves bold colors and bold ideas, but she doesn’t understand constant unwavering opinions. Most would call her opinionated, but she has been known to change her mind —…

Kim McKinney

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